Our team

Experience and professionalism

Francisca María Llinás Horrach (Xisca Just), commercial with eighteen years of experience in the sector. She deals with the direct dealings with the customers, as well as managing new distributions, design and production.

Miquel Crespí Serra, is in charge of assemblies and director of civil works.  Also a commercial advisor.

Ramón Aguirre, experienced in the gardening sector he is in charge of felling  and pruning, mounting of enclosures for farms and most of the agricultural work that we also offer to give a greater coverage and better service, at a particular level, agrotourism and other jobs that require this section related to our work.

Antoni Maura, with more than thirty years of experience in the accounting and management area, is in charge of all the administrative and accounting part of the company, as well as coordinating and managing all the operations between the commercial part and the manufacturing and distribution part. .




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