Trends in decoration: rustic tables and designer chairs

Decorating the dining room can be a headache. There are so many options in terms of styles, chairs, tables or lamps that combining everything with style can be complicated.

When we see a rustic table, it is usual to identify it with the traditional rustic style and we only conceive that table in the country houses, huts, barbecues, mountain houses etc … however the trends in decoration are changing. The decorators look for and recommend combining their projects for urban floors and large houses with rustic elements, pieces in different styles that can be combined to achieve the prominence they deserve.

The dining room is one of those spaces in which we can carry out a combination of styles that come out airy and recognised, we just have to add inspiration and voilà.

Today we will combine rustic tables with designer chairs. Here we leave you with a selection of photographs of dining rooms that we are sure you will like.

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comedor rústico sillas diferentes 6

comedor rustico sillas diferentes 4

Have you seen any tables that you especially like? Remember that, whatever your idea, in Can Just Fustes and Derivats we can produce it, we are specialists in the treatment of woods in Mallorca. You can learn more about us and our team by clicking here.

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